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  • Consultancy and restructuring services relating to the COVID-19

    Dealing with the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic requires cooperation and unconventional solutions. Therefore, as Lubasz and Partners – an Attorney-in-Law’s Office and Gawroński & Partners S.K.A. we joined forces, competences and many years of experience. Together we provide restructuring services and look for legal solutions for entrepreneurs in difficult situation.

    Our goal is to protect business and its continuity.

    The scope of our activities includes:

    1. Anti-crisis Shield - special assistance solutions
    2. Continuity of activities
    3. Corporate restructuring
    4. Employment Restructuring - Labour Law
    5. Transactional restructuring
    6. Payment backlogs
    7. Crisis digital transformation of organisations
    8. Litigations
    9. Bankruptcy and restructuring
    10. Functioning of local governments in times of crisis

    Legal support

    In legal office we have established a Spec Group, a team that deals with all these issues. We have all necessary resources and competences to effectively assist clients with legal difficulties that may be encountered in the current reality.

    If you need legal assistance in this area, write to: specgrupa@lubasziwspolnicy.pl or directly to the chosen specialist.

    The SpecGroup is formed by:

    1. dr Dominik Lubasz – Attorney at Law and Leading Mentor of the SpecGroup
    2. Witold Chomiczewski – Attorney at Law
    3. Maciej Godyń – Attorney at Law
    4. Jerzy Hajn – Advocate
    5. Kinga Majczak-Górecka – Advocate
    6. Monika Susałko – Attorney at Law
    7. Adam Szkurłat – Advocate
    8. Michał Żmijewski – Advocate
    9. Karolina Przybysz – Attorney’s trainee
    10. Adrianna Michałowicz – Advocate’s trainee


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