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  • There are more and more legal regulations, norms and guidelines. It is hard for entrepreneurs to follow all such changes. Within LW Compliance we provide solutions which let entrepreneurs find out about changes in advance and get ready for them. It saves time and allows to minimize legal risk for the business activity.

    • labour law: verifying the correctness of employment agreements, regulations of work and remuneration, as well as the execution of working time regulations.
    • companies law: analyzing the provisions of Memoranda and Articles of Association from the point of view of their compatibility with the needs of a given company; verifying the correctness of concluding agreements with members of governing bodies; verifying the practices of calling-up and holding meetings of the governing bodies;
    • tax law: full analysis of the correctness of settlements related to different due taxes along with indicating possible ways of tax optimization;
    • intellectual property law: analyzing agreements regarding computer programmes, data bases, trademarks and rights resulting from patents from the point of view of their proper wording, complex verification of legality of using computer programmes in a company.
    • Personal data protection: verifying whether the personal data administrator fulfilled all the requirements pertaining to technical and organizational personal data securities, particularly as regards the safety policy and the instruction of IT system management.

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