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    ZIBI S.A.

    The Law Firm Lubasz i Wspólnicy has developed a personal data protection system at ZIBI S.A.
    The attorney-at-law Dr. Dominik Lubasz and Mrs. Katarzyna Witkowska with the greatest care created the documentation of personal data protection and procedures of handling various processes connected with data processing.

    The services provided by the Law Firm are performed in a reliable and timely manner, with great accuracy and attention to the compliance of all actions undertaken by the client with the law. Solutions proposed by the Firm are also tailored to the specifics of the Company's operations.

    Taking the above into account, we assess the cooperation with the Law Firm as very good.

    Zbigniew Pietrzak

    Tap To Speak

    "Lubasz i Wspólnicy are committed to their work. I recommend cooperation with dr. Dominik Lubasz and Witold Chomiczewski. Even in long-lasting projects they constantly maintain business approach and focus on details. Their work allows us to avoid legal doubts when conducting our activities and the cooperation is carried out in a friendly atmosphere. The Firm has helped us with creating investment agreements, which are crucial documents for us."

    Adam Trojańczyk
    Member of the Board


    "For many years our legal services have been provided by Dr. Dominik Lubasz. He supports our company both in litigation, drafting contracts and ongoing corporate assistance. Dr. Dominik Lubasz also assists us in labor law matters."

    Arkadiusz Troyke

    Property Group sp. z o.o.

    Lead generation is one of the key aspects of our portal's activity. Lubasz i Wspólnicy Law Firm, and in particular Witold Chomiczewski, effectively ensured that our activities and business goals were carried out in accordance with the applicable regulations of law. I sincerely recommend this Law Firm!

    Jerzy Michalski
    Head of Marketing and PR

    Lucky Star Poland

    "Lucky Star Polska Sp. z o.o. is an authorized importer and distributor of tires, operating mainly through E-commerce channel - websites www.nowegumy.pl and www.1000opon.pl - and having many regular customers, both in Poland and abroad. Lawyers of Lubasz i Wspólnicy Kancelaria Radców Prawnych sp. k. support our Company in its current operations. They provide us with legal advice in many aspects concerning our areas of interest. In particular E-commerce market, B2B and B2C service, promotion and marketing. The Firm also provides general legal services for the Company, including debt collection processes.

    Worth recommending is the comprehensiveness of services provided, the commitment of employees, the speed of execution of individual orders and openness to issues related to modern channels and forms of sale."

    Piotr Trojanowski
    Member of the Board

    Izba Gospodarki Elektronicznej

    Lubasz i Wspólnicy Law Firm provides full legal services for the Chamber of the Electronic Economy. We appreciate the specialized experience of the lawyers in servicing the e-commerce industry and their expertise in the functioning of e-business.

    Łukasz Kiczma, Patrycja Staniszewska
    Members of the Board

    Immergas Poland

    Lubasz i Wspólnicy Law Firm supported Immergas Polska sp. z o.o. in developing a personal data protection system. The Law Firm conducted audit of personal data protection and after examination of our situation prepared appropriate solutions to ensure compliance and security. The Firm has also dealt with the preparation of privacy policies necessary for our business.

    We appreciate high standard of the services provided and the individual approach to our company. That is why we recommend cooperation with the Lubasz i Wspólnicy Law Firm and especially with Katarzyna Witkowska who on behalf of the Firm conducted the audit and prepared all the documents.

    Maciej Czop
    Managing Director

    Hurtimex S.A.

    The Law Firm supported our company in the ongoing legal and corporate matters. Lawyers of the Firm successfully carried out organizational optimization of the company and implemented the process of entering the alternative NewConnect market. We recommend cooperation with Dr. Dominik Lubasz as a specialist in corporate support.

    Jarosław Kopeć

    Grupa Pracuj S.A.

    Our cooperation primarily includes advice in the field of civil law, data protection law, industrial property law and new technology law.

    Lubasz i Wspólnicy Law Firm employs reliable specialists with expert knowledge, business approach and extensive experience. High quality of the provided consulting services as well as professionalism and commitment in performing entrusted tasks make us recommend the Lubasz i Wspólnicy Law Firm as a reliable and worth recommending advisor.

    Gracjan Fiedorowicz, Maciej Noga
    Members of the Board

    Fundacja Rodzice Przyszłości

    "The Law Firm in the pro-bono model conducts permanent legal services to the Foundation. If it were not for the support of the Law Firm, it would be difficult for us to carry out the projects we have planned. The lawyers drew up terms and conditions for the websites, developed documentation related to marketing actions. We recommend the services of the Law Firm."

    Wojciech Marciszewski

    Rainbow Tours S.A.

    Rainbow Tours S.A. cooperated with Lubasz i Wspólnicy law firm in terms of GDPR implementation, including such elements as preparing documentation, training and risk analysis. We are very satisfied with the cooperation and we can highly recommend Mr. Dominik Lubasz and his team. During the several months of cooperation we could see that they are one of the best specialists in the field of personal data protection. We will be happy to use the services of Lubasz i Wspólnicy again.

    Marcin Jasiński
    Data Protection Officer

    Fundacja GAJUSZ

    Lubasz i Wspólnicy - Kancelaria Radców Prawnych sp.k. carried out an audit for the Gajusz Foundation with regard to compliance with the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection GDPR, and then provided support in the implementation of recommendations concerning GDPR. The Gaius Foundation has been helping sick children for twenty years. We operate in many areas, we run three hospices for children, domestic, stationary and perinatal. For two years we have been running the Tuli Luli Intervention Pre-adoption Centre for abandoned children. We take care of children with oncological diseases and their families by providing psychological, legal and social assistance. We employ over a hundred workers. Lubasz i Wspólnicy Law Firm prepared an extensive and detailed report specifying the actual state of personal data protection as well as detailed areas requiring implementation of new regulations. We have received templates of contracts and other implementation documents compliant with the current legal regulations. Thanks to excellent and professional cooperation, frequent contact, implementation of GDPR turned out to be easier than we expected.

    We recommend the Lubasz i Wspólnicy Law Firm for cooperation in terms of GDPR implementation. We are convinced that the Firm will provide the highest level of professionalism also in other areas.

    Thank you very much.

    Anna Piekutowska
    Vice President

    FORSAFE sp. z o.o.

    Lubasz i Wspólnicy Law Firm is our close partner, with whom we cooperate in handling projects in the area of personal data protection and provision of electronic services. We appreciate the meticulousness and comprehensiveness of the Firm's services. We particularly recommend Dr. Dominik Lubasz and Katarzyna Witkowska as lawyers specializing in personal data protection.

    Piotr Kawczyński

    BTC Business Technology Consulting AG

    "The Law Firm provides day-to-day services to our company. We especially appreciate the support in projects in the field of copyright and corporate law. We recommend cooperation with Lubasz i Wspólnicy – Kancelarią Radców Prawnych sp.k."

    Leszek Namysłowski

    Bluerank sp.z o.o.

    "Cooperation with the Law Firm is characterized by full commitment, understanding of the business and our needs. Our company is handled by Dr. Dominik Lubasz and Witold Chomiczewski, whose knowledge and commitment deserve the highest praise"

    Maciej Gałecki

    BIEGw. NET

    "The first edition of BIEGw.NET would not have taken place without the support of companies involved in e-commerce industry. Lubasz i Wspólnicy Law Firm provided us with legal services by preparing the rules of the race and taking care of the legal safety of our event. We appreciate and recommend the services of the Law Firm, especially Maciej Godynia, who prepared all the necessary documents."

    Agata Żyto
    The host

    Agencja Interaktywna Czarny Kod

    The firm supports us with major IT projects. The lawyers create contracts and legal precautions that allow us to significantly reduce legal risk. I recommend cooperation with Witold Chomiczewski and Natalia Zawadzka.

    Adam Trojańczyk

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