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    Lubasz i Wspólnicy - Law Office is a partner of LEX Ochrona Danych Osobowych WOLTERS KLUWER.    LEX Ochrona Danych Osobowych is a new legal service that helps implement and apply the provisions of GDPR. It is a response of Wolters Kluwer Polska publishing house to the revolution in the personal data protection system.   Based on over 25 years of experience as a leader and reliable provider of legal information, Wolters Kluwer Polska has developed a unique service that provides extensive factual content and access to the most respected experts in the field of personal data protection.   The service provides practical knowledge (i.e.: implementation schedules, procedures, guides, analyses, practical comments, document templates, etc.).   LEX Ochrona Danych Osobowych as the only one on the market guarantees the user a package of 3 complementary consulting services: 
    • obtaining answers to questions (e-mail) 
    • ordering a document template, 
    • consultations with experts during on-line training (closed webinars).
    BSJP Brockhuis Jurczak Prusak is one of the leading Polish law firms offering service in the field of business consulting, to include legal and tax advisory services, audit and accounting services as well as financial services. More than 60 attorneys, legal counsels, tax advisors, patent attorneys and auditors work for clients at the offices in Gdańsk, Łódź, Katowice, Poznań, Szczecin, Warszawa and Wrocław. BSJP is part of the ETL Group. In Germany the ETL Group has over 790 offices and is represented worldwide in over 50 countries. In the domain of tax consultancy ETL is the market leader nationally and counts among the top 5 auditing and tax consultancy firms in Germany with a revenue about over 730 million euro. More than 7.000 employees are working in Germany for over 170.000 clients – including more than 1.400 tax consultants, lawyers, accountants, management consultants and financial service providers. An interdisciplinary consulting approach and a diversity of industry specialisations makes ETL to an ideal partner for companies, freelancers and self-employed from all sectors.
    ETL Group (European Tax & Law) is an international network of tax consultants, expert auditors, and attorneys-in-law. It brings together specialists from Europe, Northern and Southern America, as well as Asia and Africa. The Group provides a full legal, accounting, and tax service, nationally and internationally. Owing to the membership of Lubasz i Wspólnicy – Attorney-in-Law’s Office in the ETL Group, our Clients can enjoy legal support and tax counselling not only in Poland, but wherever ETL Group operates. We believe that this is especially important in business today.  
    E-Commerce Polska Chamber of Digital Economy cares for the development of Polish e-commerce market, focusing in particular on the legislative and educational activities. It co-operates with entrepreneurs dealing with e-commerce. Lubasz i Wspólnicy – Attorney-in-Law’s Office actively supports the e-Commerce Chamber. We deliver workshops within the e-Commerce Polska School. We were involved in the preparation of 21+ Manual on the Obligations of Each Vendor – a Practical Guide for Vendors, as well as the book for upper-secondary school students – „“How to Start an Online Shop?”.

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